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Welcome to Purpose Institute at New Testament UPC we are delighted that you have chosen our campus to further your ministry training.  The campus is located 8787 Walker Rd. Shreveport, LA, 71108, just off 3132.  We offer a full range of ministry training coures, and classes are scheduled for the third weekend in every month to accommodate a ministry leader's busy schedule.


Purpose Institute is a ministry training institution which partners with local churches and districts to develop leaders in the Apostolic model.  Purpose Institute provides curriculum and systems designed to enhance ministry training and make it accessible to emerging leaders.

The Vision

The training is designed to raise the quality of ministry coming from every level of leadership not just those entering full-time/professional ministry.  It is training that can happen locally without interrupting other duties (i.e., family, work, local church ministry obligations).  Every believer has a God-given purpose that emerges as they apply themselves to ministry and study to show themselves approved of God.  Purpose Institute helps leaders discover and prepare for their purpose-their place in the harvest.

Course Overview

The Curriculum has been designed to cycle in eight semesters.  A student can begin at any point in the cycle and follow the curriculum through to completion.  Each semester is designed to be a good mix of courses that include a focus on biblical, spiritual, and leadership training.  The curriculum is currently available in multiple languages.  For all available languages, please visit

Courses are offered one weekend a month and are scheduled to begin September 8, 2017.


1st Semester
1101 (3) Introduction to the Word / Pentateuch
1305 (3) The Importance of Apostolic Doctrine
1401 (3) Apostolic Patterns and Methods I
1602 (4) Leadership I
2nd Semester
2202 (3) The Life and Ministry of Christ
2402 (3) Apostolic Patterns and Methods II
2501 (3) Ministry of the Apostles I
2701 (4) Guest Instructor (Pastoral Studies)
3rd Semester
3102 (3) The Tabernacle
3301 (3) The Oneness of God
3502 (3) Ministry of the Apostles II
3702 (4) Pastoral Studies I
4th Semester
4204 (3) The Epistles
4302 (3) The New Birth
4503 (3) Equipping the Apostolic Minister I
4603 (4) Leadership II
5th Semester
5103 (3) Historical Books / Poetical Books
5206 (3) The Book of Revelation
5504 (3) Equipping the Apostolic Minister II
5601 (4) Guest Instructor (Leadership)
6th Semester
6104 (3) Major Prophets
6201 (3) The Four Gospels / Harmony of the Gospels
6505 (3) Equipping the Apostolic Minister III
6703 (4) Pastoral Studies II
7th Semester
7105 (3) Minor Prophets
7203 (3) The Twelve Apostles
7306 (3) Water Baptism/The Name
7601 (4) Guest Instructor (Leadership)
8th Semester
8205 (3) Church History
8304 (3) Perfecting Holiness in the Fear of God
8403 (3) The Dynamics of Soul Winning
8701 (4) Guest Instructor (Pastoral Studies)